Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chapter 5


On page 62 brenda tells Neil, " Once Harriet gets here it'll be so chaotic you can probably stay two months" (62). This compares nicely to Neil's house where Aunt Gladys needs to go through every night preparing four different meals a day, and Roth does a nice job of suggesting that some family occurrences transcend class and chaos when other family is present seems to do this.


Brenda and her mother are in the midst of a shouting match when her mother says: " You ought to learn what a days work means... Because you're lazy"(64).  However when Neil talks about Mrs. Patimkin he says she was, "Disastrously polite to me" (21). This suggests that there is a split in the personalities between people when they are speaking to guests and when they are speaking to their family. this level of two-facedness is re-enforced by Neil saying that it is disastrous for her.


Brooks Brothers Shirt

In this chapter I believe the most important item is the Brooks Brothers shirt, because this is Neil's way to fit in with Ron and to fit in high society. This seems to be a pathetic way that Neil's is trying to accomplish this, but none the less seems to be important to Neil trying to fit in.


On page 61 when Harriet and Ron's wedding is being introduced to Neil Julie says, "There's going to be huge wedding" (61). This sentence seems like Julie being her normal snob self, but I really like Roth's use of the italics in this situation. The Italics suggest that the emphasis is not put on the wedding but rather a dig towards Neil that his family could not afford the size of that wedding furthering the idea that he should not be there.

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