Thursday, February 13, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chapter 4


On page 14 Neil  is seen "holding Brenda's glasses" (14), and then when they are in the pool together Neil, " found her glasses on the chair beside me and held them in my hands" (53). This is the fourth time Neil is at the pool and holds brenda's glasses I believe that he does this, this time in order to return to that original moment of bliss that he has when he first met Brenda, and he wants to re-associate with his original feeling that he had when he first met her. 


On page 49 he states that his parents live in Tucson, which is in great contrast to the complete overbearing personality and livelihood of Brenda. Neil has a complete different lifestyle in terms of his parents because his parents are always gone from his life, whereas Brenda's parents are always in her life and are not going anywhere.


Big brown Book
Diving Boards
Blue Suit
Huge Soup Bowls

In this chapter I believe the lights to be the most significant, because they play with his sight like the glasses have in the past. In this chapter the way that the lights are incredibly low set a very nice mood for him and brenda, and how he cannot see Brenda and this works on not only a physical level, but on a deeper metaphorical level, where he cannot see the relationship he has with Brenda cannot last because they are from such different worlds.  


When Neil is talking to aunt Gladys he goes a little to far and states, "Aunt Gladys they don't live over a store" (57). This is a shot taken by Neil to his aunt in an effort to show how brenda and her family are so much better off than he is that there is no way to have a conflict with him staying over. 

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