Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chapter 3


On pages 43 and 45 there is a  parallel in tones from julie that give an accurate representation of the difficulties that Neil faces in Short Hills, because he needs to deal with people like Julie. She starts," You better wash that down or you'll get diarrhea" (43) and then when they are playing basketball Julie continues,"You're a cheater she screamed at me You cheat" (45). This kind of attitude from Julie shows the uphill battle neil faces as he enter the culture of Short Hills, because he has to put up with the snarky and cynical attitudes of people like Julie in this culture.


On page 30 and 31 there is a nice contrast between the two streets that Neil is looking down. On Washington street when he looks down he sees a library and the Annex which, " was a brick building old and vine covered" (30). opposed to looking down broad street where he sees "a grimy windowed bookstore and a cheesy luncheonette"(31). This helps to further the idea that Neil is right between two clashing worlds, where he is faced with the old traditional world of washington street with its classical brick building covered in high class Ivy of Short Hills, opposed to the world he currently lives in Newark like broad street where there is grime and a dive restaurant where he can eat. this dichotomy helps to echo the crossroads that neil is facing in his life.

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Dethroning the glasses two chapter run as the most important i believe the most important prop is the bench. I believe this is the most important, because Neil sits on this bench at the crossroads between Washington and Broad street which I believe to be the most significant passage of this chapter because it shows exactly the difficulty Neil is facing when he is with Brenda. He must face an identity crisis when he is between her and his true identity in Newark.

On page 32 there is a clear distinction of class between where Neil is from and the culture he is being immersed in he sees the cub and: " the stairs were an imitation of somewhere in Versailles, though in their toreador pants and sweater these young daughters of Italian Leatherworkers" (32). This shows how this culture just attempts to imitate those of the classical world in France and other older world cultures. This identification suggests that there is such a difference in the culture where Neil comes from that he notices all the details about these peoples clothes, because it is so new to him.

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