Monday, February 10, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chapter 2


The beginning of this chapter starts oddly similar to the beginning of the novel when Neil is, "holding Brenda's glasses" (14), this parallels the start of the book because in the beginning of the novel Brenda asked Neil to, "Hold her glasses"(3). This parallel structure suggests that the relationship between them could be seen as a servant and her master. That he is supposed to be subservient to Brenda when he is in her presence or in the country club.


When Neil is watching Brenda eat their family eats "heavy and methodical and serious" (22), this is opposed to Neil's family where, "none of us ate together" (4). This contrast between the two families helps to show the true difference in societies that Neil and Brenda come from. In Brenda's family they all eat together regardless of what any of them want, as opposed to Neil's family who never eats together and is always split far apart from each other.


Black tank suit
Big Blue Umbrella
French Dressing
Twin Oak Trees
The Volkswagen
Basketball Court

For this chapter I feel the French dressing is the most important prop, because it helps to show the difference between dinner in Short hills, and in Newark because in Newark they have fuzzy oranges and green cheese. However in Short hills they can afford the luxuries of different kinds of salad dressings.


On Page 26 Brenda says about Julie " Money is a waste for her. She doesn't even know how to enjoy it. She still thinks we live in Newark" ( 26). This suggests a clear difference in the class of Short hills who apparently know how to enjoy money with their nose jobs, and piercings. Opposed to the people of Newark who use their money for far more practical aspects such as food and clothes for their families. This difference in classes helps to further the gap between Neil and Brenda

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