Wednesday, January 8, 2014


For my blog I decided to take a slightly different approach to the frames I took five shots, because I tried to tell a story through the frames.

This first frame shows our subject beginning his trial to flip this obstacle in font of him and I chose to put his knees, back, and particularly his hands on the thirds line towards the left to indicate that he is at the beginning of his journey to try and flip his obstacle.

I used this second frame to concentrate more on the tire, and how the difficult part of his journey is nearing completion and I tried to keep his back and knees on the initial column line to show how he has progressed from a flat back and crouched knees all the way to standing erect and on the right column I tried to show the tire and how it has progressed from flat on the ground and to further in the frame.

 The third frame tries to show how he has not completed his journey even though the most difficult part of his journey is complete, but he still must complete his task and so that is why he is positioned earlier in the shot and on the second column line  I tried to show his elbows locked out to show the progression he has made from the previous two shot where he is still imparting upward force onto the tire.

The fourth shot tries to show his final push in an attempt to complete this obstacle and that is why on the second column line I tried to show our subject pushing to complete the journey and giving one final effort to push this tire over. His elbows are bent like the earlier shots where he is imparting his force on the object.

The final and fourth shot is meant to show our subject's face on his column line, where he is looking down on the tire and I put our subject early in the frame at the position he started at, but with the tire flipped in order to show the progress he has made throughout the course of the five shots.

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  1. Mike, Very cool idea to show story through progression of subject along axes. Final shot features frame within frame where post bifurcates frame into conquering "hero": on left and "vanquished foe" on right.