Monday, November 18, 2013

The Coca-Cola Scene

The middle passage on page 23 would make an excellent scene and I hope to create this scene by first setting up a high angle long shot of the father and the son entering the room in tattered clothes and finding a tipped over dented and destroyed Coke machine. The entire room containing the machine is in complete squalor with old clothes, rain damage, and metal scraps lying thorough out the room to help show this room has been ransacked and many people have come to the room before. Then I would have a POV medium shot from the boy watching his father take the Coke can out of the machine and the maintain the same shot as the father approaches with the Coke can but as the father approaches the son the Coke can come into focus and the father begins to move out of focus. This will help to show how foreign the Coke can is to the son and the Coke can keeps all of the boys intrigue and focus. The I would shift to a high angle close up on the can when the father opened the aluminum cap and the switch to high angle medium shot of the son where the son jumps back a little bit, because he is afraid of what the can has just done, because it was completely unknown and will help to show that this truly is a new concept to the son. Finally I would have a high angle POV shot from the father onto the son taking his sip from the coke and watching his son smile after he drinks the coke for the first time. This will show that all the fathers attention is on the son and all that matters is the son's response to Coca-Cola, and this will have a Holly-wood type ending with the son's face smiling about the Coca-Cola.

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  1. Very thoughtful work here. Why the high angle, though? Suggest the effects you intend to produce in viewers. Also, the Hollywood ending here to the scene is interesting. Maybe we need a little relief from the nightmare in which they live before returning to the road.