Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zahra's Paradise: Who am I?

In section four of Zahra's Paradise, Sepideh goes through an identity crisis when she catches her man Mansoor abusing and killing prisoners. On page 174 she runs to the top of a bridge and takes her locket and throws it into the lake. This shows her shedding her past identity, because she cannot live with the idea that she was with someone who could be that abusive towards young men that did absolutely nothing wrong. Which is like page 196 when Zahra first hears the news that her son is dead and there is no chance she will ever see him again. She walks into Mehdi's room and takes the glass of milk she had been keeping for him ever since he disappeared. This finally shows her coming to terms with the fact she lost her son and is not sure what to do now that she knows her son is gone, because she has lost such a large part of her life. In section four of Zahra's paradise Zahra and Sepideh struggle with identity crisis because they find it difficult to face their own realities because they were living in disbelief.

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