Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zahra's Paradise: Parallels and Contrasts

Section One:

Parallel: On page 13 there is a small river teaming with life and surrounded with lush plant life and on page 30 there is the same river next to a picture of scotch being poured into a glass, which Miriam drinks profusely and seems to make light of the whole situation. This parallel of picture shows how people like Miriam cope with situations like this and find their peace with the situation. It also shows how there is an artificial solution to a very real problem which is very similar to what the Iranian government is doing to their people. The government like Miriam cannot sustain this behavior for success in the future.

Question: Why does Zahra's Paradise begin with such an awful and gruesome scene?

Section Two:

Contrast: On page 55 there are two consecutive frames that contradict each other. Both surrounded the Ayatollah Khamenei. In the first picture Khamenei is standing over every other Iranian and he is the unquestioned leader in the frame. In the very next frame there is Khamenei who is surrounded by men arguing and it is even difficult to distinguish him from the other men. This contradiction helps to show the difference between reality and what the government presents to the people. To the public the government presents one united font that is supposed to go unquestioned by all the citizens of Iran, but in reality the government and leadership of Iran is in full chaos and there is very little organization at the top of the country. This contradiction shows the difference between what the government wants the people to see and how the government actually operates.

Question: What is the difference between the Imam, Khamenei, and Akmhedinejad

Section Three

Parallel: On page 7 there is a picture of puppies being forced into a bag and on page 124 there is the same picture next to the police car with the young men from the hospital being taken off to be executed. This shows the innocence lost of the country of Iran and how awful these actions truly are. The young men taken off in the police car is just as deplorable as killing a family of defenseless puppies and how awful the actions of the government are towards there own people.

Question: Why on page 90 does Amir and Khalil show a picture of Khamenei and Akmhedinejad touching like God and Moses?

Section Four:

Parallel: On page 172 Mansoor calls all the prisoners he killed, dogs and on page 172 there is a picture of puppies being killed by a shovel slammed down onto them. This helps to show how completely immoral people who will kill helpless individuals for their own selfish gain. This will eventually lead to the downfall of the country because the country will not be able to kill off their youth forever or else it will cease to exist.

Question: What is the significance of the number 309?

Section Five:

Contrast: On Page 211 Zahra defiantly refuses the offer of martyrdom and actively yells at the man that offered it to her, but on page 172 when the coroners office rudely rejects her she walks away defeated. this shows that the government can push even the most docile people too far before they rebel against the authority in the country. This will absolutely cause the overthrow of the government of Iran, because the power of the nation is not in the abusive government, it is in the rebellious people.

Question: Why at the end does Zahra shout out "am I not Zahra and is this not my paradise?"

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  1. Good ideas here, and I'm glad you tether your thoughts to specific images on specific pages.