Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zahra's Paradise: Fate vs. Free Will

In the final section of the book Zahra exercise her free will in two very distinct situations in the final scenes. The first is on page 211 when Zahra asks the two government men "Have you no shame? Did your mother's raise you to kill your brothers?" This is the first time in the novel where she exerts her wants and desires on the other people in the novel and shows that even she can rebel against the government. The second part of the section that Zahra exercises her free will is on page 221 when she stands above the grave and call to the people of Iran " No one will be forgiven until there is justice" and from this picture she stands over her fellow Iranians and challenges them to overcome the power of the government and fight for justice not only for her son but for the people of Iran. This is the first time in the entire novel where Zahra imposes her will on a group a people and challenges them to change the government and change the abusive corrupt government they are subjected too. Just like in Minority Report at the end just like John Anderton, Zahra seems to be the one in power while the government official who was supposed to stop them was pushed into a grave. This is symbolic of the poeple overthrowing the corrupt government like in Minority Report how John Anderton overthrew the abusive pre-crime. In Zahra's Paradise Zahra exercises her free will by rallying her fellow Iranians and standing up to the government officials.

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