Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Two Shot Comparison

Here are the two first shots of the Femme Fatales in Double Indemnity and L.A. Confidential. It is very important to notice the important distinction between the two women, Phyllis Dietrichson on the outside is the clean and moral women while having an evil inside, while Lynn Bracken is immoral on the outside while having a clean and moral inside, and their first appearances show their true personalities The first difference to note is how they are dressed. Before we know anything else about them we see Phyllis in a towel and nothing else while Lynn is dressed in a full jacket and hood giving the appearance of a nun. Very few women will come to the door wearing nothing but a towel when a complete stranger comes to the door and it shows how her morals are quite loose. On the other hand Lynn is wearing a over jacket in the style of many religious women and nuns. This reflects her sense of true morals so much so that she appears as pious and straight as a religious woman. After addressing their clothing choices for their first scene it is important to know their setting which is going to reflect how they are perceived by society, because that is where they are seen going. Phyllis is in a beautiful $30,000 home where she lives in luxury with her own maid and appears like she is a woman who comes from high society and a high class person. Lynn is inside a dingy liquor store which reflects the way society sees her a prostitute society sees her as a loss class individual who sells her body for money, but that is not reflected in her true personality. Third it is important to see how they are placed in their scene. Phyllis is in a medium long shot which is also a low angle shot. This helps to show how Walter and society perceives Phyllis as a distinguished woman with a large amount of influence and power and the viewers are meant to look up to her initially. While there is a close up of Lynn where she is on the same level as her viewers. This is meant to show that Lynn is no better than any other person that officer white encounters on the street and the audience has no reason to look up to her based on outside appearance. The first appearence of the two leading women from Double Indemnity and L.A. Confidential help to show the complete contradiction between the inner and outer identities of Phyllis Dietrichson and Lynn Bracken. 

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  1. Nice job, Mike. Your analysis is sound and you label the shots well. As a critic, I favor the word "suggests" over "shows" -- (it's a little more conservative). The bottom shot may also be from Bud's p-o-v, no? Other than that, you've done good work explicating these stills.